It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science
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25 May - 18 June
Discover The Galaxy First Launch of It’s Not Rocket Science
All ages can be space-age explorers at It’s Not Rocket Science by ENESS because you’re never too young or old to be beguiled by the universe. It’s Not Rocket Science is a voyage of discovery into the wonders of space through a collection of characters that blur the boundaries between art and science. 
Meet billion-year-old baby moonrocks; stand under awe-inspiring rockets – some up to 6 metres tall; step inside a space observatory to marvel at twinkling constellations; and peer into kaleidoscopic space probes to unearth the stories they’ve collected. Throughout the journey you will learn fascinating facts and marvel at beautiful sculptures – a mentally stimulating and visually inspiring day for all the family.
We've created a selection of space themed products so you can enjoy them at home.
Kid playing with a rocket outside
Get ready to embark on an intergalactic journey
AR Trail
Learn more about Chris and how he achieved such great heights, and uncover what it was really like venturing into space.
Meet Dr. Chris Boshuizen
Discover her journey of courage, dedication and a touch of Aussie grit
Meet Meganne
Discover art and technology studio ENESS, renowned for their transformational, interactive public art experiences across the globe.
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