Image shows mural with playground in the foreground.

Blacktowns Backyards by George Rose

Rose brings her signature style to Westpoint in the form of a striking botanical mural.
Published 14 December

Award-winning street artist George Rose has brought her signature style to Westpoint, completing a striking botanical mural to welcome shoppers to the centre.

The mural, “Blacktown’s Backyards” covers about 150sqm of the southern entry walls alongside the Level 4 car park and features an array of native plants including Matted Flax Lily, Native Violet, Kidney Weed, Blue Chalk, Cardboard Palm and Dwarf Ginger. 

The colours within the stunning artwork complement the tones of Westpoint’s recently upgraded restaurant and entertainment precinct on Level 4 and set the backdrop for the huge kids play area.

Rose’s murals, which have also been featured by the likes of Disney, Instagram, Jansport and Tik Tok,  often feature endemic flowers painted in vibrant colours, with the aim of conveying both the beauty and fragility of nature.

“Blacktown’s Backyards” is a reminder for locals to stop and take in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Find Rose’s stunning mural behind the new kids play area on Level 4, alongside the car park.

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