Artist in front of image with purple shirt and arms crossed

Meet Sam Absurd

“I am proud to have my artworks viewed by the community daily”
Published 20 December

Westpoint recognises the importance of public art in contributing to a vibrant community and creating inclusive and welcoming spaces. That’s why we worked in partnership with Blacktown Arts to bring the creative energy of local artists to our spaces and celebrate our diverse, local talent.

Westpoint commissioned artist, Sam Absurd to design street art style, temporary murals that gave a 'nod' to the brands coming soon to these spaces.

Meet Sam Absurd

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Sam has worked within the field of aerosol art for over 10 years and during this period, through the help of local graffiti and street artists, has sharpened his skills in developing his own original style.

Throughout his progression as an artist, Sam has travelled and produced work for a diverse range of clients; from private commissions for households and offices, to large-scale murals for government councils and universities spanning across Australia. Additionally, Sam has experience as a youth worker, passing on his knowledge of graffiti and street art techniques to the younger generations, through the running of workshops and group projects for the local communities.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, Sam continues to study, as well as use his inspirations from nature, to create work that focuses on the juxtaposition of reality through the implementation of both an illustrative and surrealist style."