Artist in green overalls in front of green illustrative map of Westpoint

Meet Leila Frijat

“Art can make us feel like our homes and communities are seen and loved”
Published 20 December

Westpoint recognises the importance of public art in contributing to a vibrant community and creating inclusive and welcoming spaces. That’s why we worked in partnership with Blacktown Arts to bring the creative energy of local artists to our spaces and celebrate our diverse, local talent.

Westpoint commissioned artist, Leila Frijat to design an illustrative map of Level 2 that was fun and playful, to complement the family-friendly atmosphere of Level 2.

Meet Leila Frijat

Leila is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator that works across illustration, interactive installations, photography, and videography. Exhibitions of Leila’s work have been held at Pari Gallery, Gaffa Gallery, and Kudos Gallery and her work has been published in several publications.