Laura from Carter's OshKosh, Westpoint
Summer 2022
What's Hot Right Now | Carter's OshKosh
Laura shares the items that are trending right now at Westpoint
Published 13 January
1. From fabrics to colour – how would you describe the ultimate summer dress for little ones?

The ultimate summer dress is comfortable, bright and fun! Playful prints and colour reflect the season of long, fun, warm days.

2. Have there been any particular patterns, prints or colours standing out this season?

Tropical fruit prints and flowers have been really popular this season.  

3. What are the most popular items to take on holiday this summer?

The classics - no-fuss shorts and tee sets and loose dresses. Outfits that are comfortable and can be easily taken on or off to change for a morning at the pool or the beach.

4. Which summer items have become customer favourites?

Lots of little ones and parents are loving our matching tee and short sets! It’s perfect to buy two in one and know it will work as an outfit.
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Published on 13 January, 2022
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