Summer 2022
Meet Marvin
Born in New Zealand and raised in Western Sydney, MRVZ is a musical artist who doesn’t shy away from style. Streetwear with a fashionable hip hop edge is his signature.
Published 13 January
Follow in MRVZ’s fashionable shoes (think a pair of Nike Air Force 1s or Nike Air Jordans) by taking note of his top picks right here at Westpoint, Blacktown. 

What’s your personal style in three words?
“I think my personal style is raw, authentic and original.” 

What do you love about living in Blacktown? 
“There’s a real mix of people who call Blacktown home.”

What are your go-to shops and restaurants at Westpoint?
“JD Sports, Stateside Sports and Foot Locker are my top picks. For a bite to eat, the food courts have you covered.”

What are your top tips for styling in Summer 2022? 
“Dress for you, not for anyone else. And be comfortable! When you like the way you look and feel, it shows.” 

How would you describe the local look at Westpoint?
“I’d say the local look is unique, with some hood streetwear vibes.”
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