Summer 2022
Meet Sogand
Bachelor fans might recognise Sogand from their television screens, although Sogand is a woman with many talents. A civil engineer by day, Sogand is also a model and actor. Impressive, right?
Published 13 January
Sogand describes her style as part simple and part minimalist, with a soft spot for matching sets. Here, Sogand shares with us her go-to shops for on-trend pieces, as well as her fashionable dressing tips during the warmer months. 

What do you love about living in Blacktown? 
“I love living in the Blacktown area, because it’s quiet, nice and chilled. I’m close to some of my favourite shops, which means I don’t have to go all the way into the city when I need a shopping fix.”

What are your go-to shops and restaurants at Westpoint?
“I love Valleygirl, Ally Fashion and Forever New — all stores that I can find nice things that are on-trend and at a good price. For dining, I usually opt for sushi. We’re spoilt at Westpoint with three sushi restaurants!”

What are your top tips for styling in Summer 2022? 
“This summer it’s all about keeping it simple. I’d go for either all white, grey, pink, or black and white outfits. Keeping it simple and set styling is key.”

How would you describe the local look at Westpoint?
“I would say the local look is street style at its best. I like to wear a pair of Nike or Adidas shoes with a pair of baggy, ripped jeans, a crop top and a blazer. It’s the perfect balance between not too dressy and not too casual.”
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