Turn your dream of eating out every day into a reality when you win big with Westpoint.
Preparing breakfast, making lunches, finding snacks, and cooking every night—let’s be honest, it’s pretty exhausting. Now with $25k up for grabs, your days of cooking could be over!
Published 13 January

Forgot that soggy old sandwich you packed for lunch, because with $25k you could treat yourself to a delicious meal every day of the week—now that’s what we’re talking about!   

Spend $50 at any Westpoint store for the chance to win, and with 10 chances to win over 8 weeks, your chances are up there. We’ve gathered some of Westpoint’s most mouthwatering food options to splurge your future winnings on. 


Monday: Espresso Warriors

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(Source: Espresso Warriors) 

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Espresso Warriors and choose from their wholesome menu jam-packed with a hangover burger, golden eggs benedict, avocado smash and much more. Featured above is the ‘Hungry Warrior’, for those ready to battle the day. Think: eggs your way, bacon, sliced avocado, pan-fried mushrooms, tomatoes, sautéed kale, hash browns (times 2), chorizo, tomato relish AND toasted sourdough. Just try to top that.  


It's Taco Tuesday!

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(Source: @tacobellaus) 

Celebrate your Tuesday with tacos from Taco Bell. Why buy every ingredient and spend your whole night cooking when you can just lay back and let the professionals serve you fresh, crispy tacos just the way you like it? The retailers at Taco Bell Westpoint have informed us that the cheesy double decker taco is the fan favourite to look out for with a grilled flat bread, covered with a melted two cheese blend and wrapped around a crunchy taco and your choice of select fillings. 


Wednesday: Volcanos Steakhouse

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(Source: Volcanos) 

Now if you can make this at home… we’ll all be impressed.  

But why bother when you have $25,000 to spend? Hump day calls for a meal at Volcanos Steakhouse at Westpoint. Specialising in the best steaks and ribs in town but even their appetisers are sure to set off an eruption of flavours for your hungry taste buds. Speaking of eruptions have you tried Volcano’s eruption burger? Made up with double beef paddy, double-melted American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, turkey rashers, caramelised onions, pickles, and special in-house eruption sauce, it truly is a beast of a burger. 


Thursday: Kou Ramen

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(Source: @kou.ramen) 
If you’re eating out every day of the week you must change up the cuisines to get the full experience. Famous for their Ramen menu, Kou Ramen is Westpoint’s go-to authentic Japanese restaurant. Like what you see above? If you’re not in the mood for Ramen today, their Chicken Katsu with crispy fried chicken, rice, salad, and miso soup sure looks tempting.  


Friday: Kurimu & Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

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Don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten dessert, it is of course the most ‘important’ meal of the day. We would like to introduce you to your new dessert obsession. Using a traditional recipe from Japan’s dairy heartland, we bring you the ‘Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart’. We’re talking crunchy short crust base, fluffy filling with a cheesy aroma, what more could you want?! I mean…they do also offer cheese flavoured soft serves with buttery tart crusts, but you have $25,000 there’s no need to spend it wisely.  


Want to win $25,000 to spend at Westpoint? 

We are giving away $25,000 in Westpoint Gift Cards every week for 8 weeks! Each week a new winner is announced, so you will have 8 chances to get your hands on the massive $25K prize to spend at Westpoint. 

Entering is simple, all you need to do is spend $50 in the centre in one day and scan the QR code located at participating retailers or enter on our website. Good luck!  




*Terms and conditions apply. Authorised under NSW Authority No. TP/00086. Receipts for entries must be retained as proof of purchase.

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