Free Groceries for Two Years? Yes Please!
Backing Blacktown means to support our local community, and what better way to do that by giving away $25,000 to ten lucky Westpoint shoppers across eight weeks?
Published 13 January

We know that with a home full of hungry mouths to feed, sometimes doing your weekly shop can cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we are here to help relieve the stress of the shop by giving you a chance to win $25,000, which you could choose to spend on two years’ worth of groceries! 

So, what type of grocery shopper are you? And how would you spend the prize money if you’re lucky enough to be one of our eight winners? Let’s explore some ways on how you might spend it! 


1. The Type-A Shopper

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(Source: @househomelove) 

This shopper is extremely organised and has a weekly or fortnightly dinner menu they do not deviate from. They have the same recipes on repeat, so all the bright and shiny specials and impulse items do not phase them. This shopping type is also known to have the perfect meal-prepped lunches for every day of the week to maximise their family and leisure time. 


2. The Bare Minimum Shopper

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To be considered a Bare Minimum Shopper, you live almost meal-to-meal and have a few spare staples within the pantry like herbs and spices. Often, these shoppers have a compact kitchen limiting the amount of space they have for storage. This shopper always likes to find the bargains and has their rewards card ready for checkout. After all, who doesn’t love a good bargain? 


3. The Hoarder

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This shopper has enough pantry staples to fill another pantry! Plus, a month’s supply of meat in the freezer as a precautionary measure (because apparently chickens and cattle will not exist tomorrow!). These shoppers love bulk buy specials and always look in the weekly catalogue at their local supermarket. Often these are the parents of a large sporty family that is constantly on the go. This shopper is scared they won’t have enough food to feed their family, but they always do. Better to be prepared for anything, right?  


4. The Improvisor

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Always the laid-back shopper and no fear of starvation. This shopper will happily swing past their local supermarket and pick up a ready-to-go meal or pick up the ingredients for a last-minute recipe they saw online. They have no stress about living meal-to-meal, because they know that a block of cheese and a packet of crackers also makes a great dinner. Yum!


5. The Kid-free Shopper

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The kid-free shopper is in their own kind of world. This shopper is finally free from the constant screaming, grabbing, whinging and fighting kids that often accompany them to the supermarket. They enjoy the time spent selecting items within the hour at the supermarket without being distracted or pestered. Often, they are looking at the fine delicacies they would have bought in a past life, whilst not missing anything off their regular list.  

Want to win $25,000 to spend at Westpoint? 

Do you think you would change your shopping type, if you had a spare $25,000 to spend at Westpoint? We are giving away $25,000 in Westpoint Gift Cards every week for 8 weeks! Each week a new winner is announced, so you will have 8 chances to get your hands on the massive $25K prize to spend at Westpoint. 

Entering is simple, all you need to do is spend $50 in the centre in one day and scan the QR code located at participating retailers or enter on our website. Good luck!  




*Terms and conditions apply. Authorised under NSW Authority No. TP/00086. Receipts for entries must be retained as proof of purchase.

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